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The Mission Statement of the St George of Cappadocia - OSGC. We are an Interfaith/Ecumenic Franciscan Order, who strive to build a harmonious coexistence of Learning and work with all religions and religious denominations. We are all brothers and sister in God, and with that understand we strive to help all God Creations spiritually, psychologically and materially, many times trying not to be afraid to walk that extra mile. As Saint George and Saint Francis protected and helped the helpless and humble in their time, the Fraternity is committed to: • Try to leave in the people the joy that springs from the encounter with a person consecrated to God. • Who in his penance and humility knew how to be near to all, especially the simple, sharing with them the burden of manual work, the lay religious expresses his service toward the confreres, and at the same time contributes to a good community spirit. In direct contact with people, he embodies the sweetness, affability, and mercy, which characterized the human relationship of Saint. Francis.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Free Hug" COUPON

“Free Hug”

“Good for one hug, redeemable from any
participating human being.”

Order of Saint George of Cappadocia

To become a Participating Human Being, please call

What the OSGC beliefs

God is omnipresent, Omsiscient and Omnipotent
God is Love
We are part of God and not apart of Him
For all things haappening in our life there is God's reasons
Accepting those brings inner piece
Inner piece will brings understanding of God's reasons
Understanding God's reasons will brings Faith

We also believe that:
No single religion posses the absolute God's Truth
Humanity is in a eternal search for God's Truth
Truth is inward